Our Story

The Flat Pennies® story began with the purchase of our SooLine Caboose (#27) in March of 2001. We love all things railroad and while the purchase seemed like a good idea at the time, the reality of what to do with such a large piece of memorabilia soon became a challenge.

After researching many ideas, we decided to combine our interest in the railroad with our love for quality food and ice cream, and opened the first Flat Pennies® Ice Cream shop in March 2007 along the railroad tracks in Bay City, WI. The name of our establishment was inspired by childhood memories of placing pennies on the tracks to be flattened by passing trains.

We are proud to serve real, Wisconsin dairy, premium soft-serve ice cream. The quality of our ice cream specialties, BBQ beef sandwiches, gourmet dogs and chili, not to mention our dedication to service with a smile, soon became synonymous with our tagline, “So good we can stop a train”. It's not uncommon for the crews of passing trains to stop along the tracks to satisfy their lunch or dinner appetites. Railroad folk know their food, and with hundreds of establishments along the line, we're honored to count them among our loyal customers.

The Flat Pennies crew would like to extend a heartfelt invitation to you and your family to come by for a visit. We’re a family and dog friendly establishment and the kids will love exploring ol’ #27, the caboose that started it all!

Jim and Lorna Ross